Committed to Customer Success at scale

The mission of the Customer Success team is to ensure the successful implementation and delivery of Soul Machines Digital People for all customers, globally. From ideation and development through deployment and use case expansion, we partner with our customers to create groundbreaking, autonomous human-like solutions that redefine organizations, achieve key business outcomes, and pioneer captivating, character experiences for the world’s most recognized brands.

Our project managers act as our customers’ central line into the organization — liaising across internal teams and stakeholders — to ensure projects are executed successfully and KPIs are exceeded.

Our solution architects ensure our platform interoperates and integrates with existing infrastructure and organizational processes. Our conversation engineers and designers sculpt Digital Human personas and creative content for a New Era of human-machine interaction.

We bring to life and seamlessly integrate Digital People for our customers. Internally, we drive change and innovation through partnership, expertise, and a reimagination of human-autonomous teams.

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Our Writers’ Room helps with conversational content creation.

The development of human-like conversational interfaces (like Soul Machines hyper-realistic Digital People) and commercial nascence of NLU/NLG technology has demanded a new genre of copywriting: conversational creation.

At Soul Machines, we believe this kind of writing can be taught and crowdsourced, engendering a multiplicity of new voices for our Digital People.

We invite you to become Soul Machines’ Certified Conversational Creators. This means applying conversational best practices to design engaging, relatable digital human personalities imbued with non-linear narratives. In this course, you’ll learn the skills needed to write compelling conversational content for our Digital People.

Once you become an accredited Conversationalist, you will enter our marketplace, bid on paid-for gigs, and be compensated for your work.

Become a Creator