The World’s First Autonomously Animated Digital Influencer

Today at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity we announced with P&G’s SK-II, a global prestige skincare brand, the world’s first autonomously animated Digital Influencer: YUMI. YUMI marks the birth of the first fully autonomous digital influencer capable of interacting as a human would but with the control brands need and expect. YUMI is [...]

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Soul Machines™ CBO & Co-Founder Inducted into NZ Hi-Tech Hall of Fame

A huge congratulations to Greg Cross, Soul Machines™  co-founder and Chief Business Officer who was inducted into the NZ Hi-Tech Hall of Fame Friday night. Greg's journey as an entrepreneur has spanned leading Microsoft's NZ operation; co-founding of wireless charging company PowerbyProxi - sold to Apple for in 2017 - and as a director of Cross Ventures and [...]

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NEWS: Kash will help people manage money better

Introducing Kash - a virtual assistant who will transform services for Collection House in Australia. Available 24/7, Kash will be able to support customers by giving them the information they need in a non-judgemental way, helping them to get on the right track to financial freedom.

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PRESS: 5G will help bring digital humans to life

Article by Chris Ashraf as featured on Verizon News | March 11, 2019Imagine walking into a hotel and being greeted by a virtual assistant in a kiosk who can answer all of your questions. Now imagine that virtual assistant could react to what you say, the tone you say it in and your body language. [...]

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NEWS: AVA – Stevie Awards winner

Autodesk AVA was awarded the silver in this year’s Stevie Awards for Sales & Customer Service in the 'Innovation in the Customer Service - Computer Industries” category.  AVA brings emotional intelligence and a new level of understanding to chatbots and creates a more seamless and timely experience for every customer. The Stevie Awards for Sales [...]

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PRESS: Is NZ lagging behind in AI implementation? PwC survey results suggests so

‘Are Kiwi business leaders taking an ostrich-like approach with AI and keeping their heads in the sand?’ARTICLE BY Divina Paredes AS FEATURED ON cio new zealand | FEBRUARY 25, 2019“There is a danger that New Zealand businesses get left behind as these technologies completely change the way we work”— Mark Averill, PwC New ZealandNew Zealand [...]

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PRESS: Virtual banks ‘to dominate future banking sector’

Article by Abdulaziz Khattak as featured on Trade Arabia | February 22, 2019The near and distant future of the financial world in general and banking in particular was showcased at the third Middle East and Africa FinTech Forum, which saw industry experts from around the world speak to hundreds of delegates on trending topics such [...]

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Video Podcast: Greg Cross chats to #DigitalNoirPresents @ Southstart

Digital Noir Presents a podcast loosely based around life in a digital studio. It is here that we talk to interesting people, startups and small businesses, discuss the latest in tech news and every now and again banter about.Greg Cross joins Sam on the podcast to discuss the implications and ethics of Augmented Reality and [...]

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PRESS: The robots are coming – can we be friends with them?

Article by Katie Kenny as featured on Stuff | January 28, 2019 Kiwi company Soul Machines™ is creating digital humans powered by biologically inspired models of the brain.We were trying to get in touch with our internet service provider. I can't remember the reason. But we contacted the company through its website chat system.My partner [...]

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HOT OFF THE PRESS: Soul Machines™ launches Digital DNA™, a critical component in the future of Customer Experience

Digital Gene Pool Makes It Easy to Produce Highly Realistic Digital Humans in MinutesMedia Release | December 13, 2018   Soul Machines™, a ground-breaking company re-imagining how humans connect with machines, is launching Digital DNA™ to give brands the ability to create and deploy a diverse range of highly realistic digital humans.The future of customer experience is [...]

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PRESS: Media coverage on Soul Machines™ Digital DNA™ launch

Read all the latest media coverage here.Soul Machines™ launches Digital DNA™ platform for lifelike virtual assistantsSoul Machines™ has produced a number of what it calls “digital humans” such as a lifelike avatar baby and assistants for customers like Mercedes-Benz, Royal Bank of Scotland, and Autodesk, which commissioned its customer service agent Ava.Soul machines™ launches digital DNA™Soul Machines™ says over [...]

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PRESS: “The success of today will be gone if you don’t transform” says Daimler Financial Services CIO

Article as featured on informationweek | december 6, 2018Daimler Financial Services CIO Says: Don't Get ComfortableDaimler Financial Services CIO Udo Neumann says you may be successful today, but unless you transform and innovate, that success will be gone.The economy is strong, your IT department is humming along, and you've invested in some value-creating programs. Everything [...]

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PRESS: ANZ’s artificial intelligence entity Jamie took 12,000 customer inquiries in its first 100 days

Article by John Antony as featured on Stuff | November 18, 2018ANZ is increasing the workload for its artificial intelligence technology but promises the customer service tool won't put front line bankers out of work. Launched in July, ANZ New Zealand's "digital assistant", called Jamie, was initially programmed to answer questions on the 30 most [...]

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PRESS: Jamie has been so successful in her first 100 days, ANZ is extending her pilot

ANZ Media Release | November 18, 2018From term deposits to turtles – Jamie’s first 100 days of your questions ANZ New Zealand’s digital assistant Jamie has been so successful in her first 100 days that the bank is going to extend her pilot, increase her abilities and include the use of common Te Reo Māori [...]

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PRESS: UniServices invests US$2m into its world leading AI company Soul Machines™

Auckland, New Zealand | October 29, 2018UniServices has followed Mercedes Benz’s investment into Soul Machines™ with its own commitment of US$2m to a US$15m+ funding round announced recently by the company.  UniServices, which owns 15% of the company, made the investment through its $20m University of Auckland Inventors Fund.  Soul Machines™ was spun out of [...]

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HOT OFF THE PRESS: emotional intelligence daimler financial services invests in soul machines

"It will be a game changer,' says CIO Udo Neumann By Sara Castellanos and Kim S. Nash | The Wall Street Journal | Mar 1, 2018 Udo Neumann, global chief information officer for Daimler Financial Services, standing next to Sarah, the 'digital human,' at 2018's Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Photo: Daimler AG Digital assistants [...]

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HOT OFF THE PRESS: Daimler Financial Services announces investment in Soul Machines™

 Daimler Financial Services makes strategic investment in New Zealand-based company Soul Machines™ to further develop artificial and emotional intelligence for multi-channel, customer-service pilot. Chief Information Officer Udo Neumann: “After successfully testing how artificial intelligence helps our employees better service customers, we are now investing in a disruptive technology to further enhance the customer experience.” “The [...]

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PRESS: Global media coverage on Daimler’s investment in Soul Machines™

The world is responding to the announcement by Daimler Financial Services of their investment in Soul Machines™. Read all the latest media coverage here.Emotional Intelligence: Daimler Financial Services invests in Soul Machines™Daimler Financial Services makes strategic investment in New Zealand-based company Soul Machines™ to further develop artificial and emotional intelligence for multi-channel, customer-service pilot.Daimler Financial [...]

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PRESS: The insider’s guide to the making of a digital assistant

Liz Maguire, head of digital and transformation at ANZ bank, says Jamie, the avatar, provides vital lessons on digital inclusion and innovation.Article by Divina Paredes (CIO New Zealand) | 09 October, 2018  Image by CIO “The digital assistant is not going to be for everyone, but this is entirely about customer choice.”Liz Maguire, ANZSince Jamie started [...]

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HOT OFF THE PRESS: New Zealand startup Soul Machines™ puts human face on AI

Company founded by 'Avatar' animator will bring its digital humans to Asia next yearArticle by Akane Okutsu | Nikkei Asian Review | October 02, 2018  Soul Machines™’ digital humanoid Lia shows lifelike expressions that would be hard for a physical robot to match TOKYO -- "Do you need me to tell everyone your life story?" asks [...]

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