Humanizing AI to bring the goodness of Human-Machine collaborations

To make Digital People more human we created a Digital Brain which is the result of advanced research in brain models, virtual neurotransmitters, physical embodiment, and motor control systems. It all started with the simulation of a brain and a baby…

Scientific Publications

Effects of Cognitive Behavioral Stress Management Delivered by a Virtual Human, Teletherapy, and an E-Manual on Psychological and Physiological Outcomes in Adult Women

Feature Paper in Multimodal Technologies and Interaction—Edition 2023 ,  Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute

Authors: Kate Loveys, Michael Antoni, Liesje Donkin, Mark Sagar, William Xu, and Elizabeth Broadbent.

Effects of Emotional Expressiveness of a Female Digital Human on Loneliness, Stress, Perceived Support, and Closeness Across Genders: Randomized Controlled Trial.

Authors: Kate Loveys, Mark Sagar, Xueyuan Zhang, Gregory Fricchione, Elizabeth Broadbent

A platform for embodied models of infant cognition, and its use in a model of event perception

2021 IEEE International Conference on Development and Learning (ICDL)

Authors: Mark Sagar, Alecia Moser, Annette Henderson, Sam Morrison, Nathan Pages, Alireza Nejati, WanKhurram Jawed, Martin Takac.

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A digital human for delivering a remote loneliness and stress intervention to at-risk younger and older adults during the COVID-19 pandemic: A randomized pilot trial.

Authors: Kate Loveys, Mark Sagar, Isabella Pickering, Elizabeth Broadbent

Making simulated faces come alive.

2016 11th ACM/IEEE International Conference on Human-Robot Interaction

Author: Mark Sagar

BL: A Visual Computing Framework for Interactive Neural System Models of Embodied Cognition and Face to Face Social Learning

2015 International Conference on Unconventional Computation and Natural Computation

Authors: Mark Sagar, Paul Robertson, David Bullivant, Oleg Efimov, Khurram Jawed, Ratheesh Kalarot, Tim Wu

Embodying models of expressive behavior and learning with a biomimetic virtual infant

2014  4th International Conference on Development and Learning and on Epigenetic Robotics.

Authors: Mark Sagar; David Bullivant; Oleg Efimov; Muhammad Jawed; Ratheesh Kalarot; Paul Robertson; Tim Wu

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