The Modern Face of CX

Create an engaging customer experience with authentic human interactions at any time of day. With Soul Machines’ Digital People, you can design a space where your customers and employees will always be met by a smiling face that truly embodies your brand.

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About Soul Machines

Augment your workforce with Digital People

Soul Machines is humanizing AI with hyper-realistic Digital People that adapt to real-time customer encounters while emulating appropriate emotions. They are always ready to assist customers, create engaging experiences, promote your brand, and develop meaningful connections.

Features and Benefits

Why choose Digital People?

Provide Astonishing CX

Acquire and retain customers with meaningful and memorable connections

Authentic Connections

Create personalized, face-to-face interactions strengthened with memory of the customer

Personalize at Scale

Tailor to your business by deepening your engagement or expanding into new markets.

Embody Your Brand

Custom design your ambassador with a look and personality relatable to your audiences

Drive Customer Loyalty

Accentuate your service when you serve more customers and connect in real-time.

24/7 Service in 12 Languages

Ready to serve your customers and represent your brand at any time, day or night.

Empathetic Customer Experience eBook

White Paper

The Empathetic Customer Experience

Check out our whitepaper to learn about how Digital People can help you to nurture and create value out of long-term relationships with customers while increasing loyalty.

CX Redefined


Your next digital team member

Authentic interactions, real-time conversations and endless scalability are just a few of the reasons why Digital People are the new face of engaging customer experiences.

3 Ways To Integrate Digital People

Maryville brand ambassador on a laptop

Brand Ambassador

Use Digital People as the face of your brand to promote your products, communicate your values and build a community

Fatema Customer Service Rep

Customer Service Rep

Assist customers with common problems in real-time around the clock, creating positive customer experiences.

Digital person virtual assistant in cafe

Virtual Assistant

Give your customers the information they need with a personalized connection tailored to their individual situations and preferences.

What our clients say

“What Soul Machines is doing is the future of business, period, regardless of who your customers are. The sooner you get engaged with it, the sooner you’re going to adapt to the future of engagement.”

Dr. Mark Lombardi, President, Maryville University

“The Soul Machines team has done a fabulous job of working with us even when we have crazy schedules and ever crazier ideas. I feel like we are really in a groove and am really excited to see where we go from here. The best part: Mia’s beautiful face! It’s completely setting us apart from our competitors that are still using boring chatbots.”

Jason Anders, Executive Sponsor IT, Madera Residential

“We are partnering with Soul Machines to create incredibly lifelike emotionally responsive Digital People with personality and character to allow machines to literally talk to us face to face.”

Kevin Hanley, Director of Innovation, Large Bank