Designed to excite,
energize and entertain.

From digital twins to avatars to on-air personalities, Digital People can help entertainers and entertainment companies connect with audiences in a whole new way.

Build the Future of Fan Experience.

Create a world where a digital celebrity or influencer can talk to millions of people all over the world in their native language.

Give personality to your digital brand experience

Stay in control of messaging, appearance, and behavior

Engage new audiences

Build a brand community

Expand to NFTs and the Metaverse

Provide a fan experience with no language barriers


Inspire and engage audiences with iconic figures.

Want to learn golfing tips from Digital Jack [Nicklaus]?

Inspire and engage audiences with iconic figures.

Will the real
will.i.am please
stand up?

Will the real will.i.am please stand up?

Meet the avatar of a legend.


The way it’s looking so far is mind-blowing.

will.i.am, Frontman for the Black Eyed Peas, Multi-Faceted Musician and Entertainer


Deliver entertaining and shareable experiences


Deliver entertaining and shareable experiences

Increase loyalty with an omni channel presence like our new Astrologizer


Robert Downey Jr. explores the future of AI and entertainment.

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Capabilities and Benefits

Lifelike Senses

Head on view of Viola - a soul machines digital person

Capabilities and Benefits

Lifelike Thinking

Capabilities and Benefits

Lifelike Behavior