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Empathetic sales assistant

Knowledgeable product consultant

Attentive navigation partner

Brand ambassador

Ready to help when you are ready

Speaks 12 languages


Yumi is a skin care consultant and ambassador for a Japanese cosmetic brand

The Results

Yumi has successfully helped many thousands of users with their skincare concerns. As a non-judgmental, approachable, and always-available consultant, she offers consumers a comfortable way to find the right skincare product


Net Promoter Score


Consumers are twice as likely to buy after interacting with Yumi


Increase in conversion rate


Increase in customer satisfaction

Nestlé® Toll House

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Capabilities and Benefits

Lifelike Senses

Head on view of Viola - a soul machines digital person

Capabilities and Benefits

Lifelike Thinking

Capabilities and Benefits

Lifelike Behavior