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We are harnessing the power of the human face as a powerful user interface for Artificial Intelligence.
Here are some of the stories behind our work.


Nadia to help over 500,000 disabled in Australia

Watch as Newshub explains Soul Machines + Star Power + AI Avatars are helping scores of disabled citizens connect to the world by helping as virtual assistants. Watch Here.


Cate Blanchett the NDIS and Soul Machines

Today we're making some news about our work with Cate Blanchett and the NDIS. This is an incredible first in so many respects.  Cate is taking on the voice role for our avatar, Nadia which in-conjunction with our technology partners IBM Watson and FaceMe is designed to deliver an empowering AI solution for Australians with disability. 

Nadia has been co-designed by people with disabilities for people with disability.


Bloomberg / Ashlee Vance: This Freaky Baby Could Be the Future of AI. Watch It in Action

Mark Sagar started his career by building medical simulations of body parts. He took those skills and went into CGI, most famously for movies including Avatar, King Kong, and others. Now he's combining his skills and building an entire brain and responsive face on a computer in order to map human consciousness...


Scoop News: AI and avatar company Soul Machines raises Series A investment led by Horizons Ventures

"Soul Machines, a developer of intelligent, emotionally responsive avatars, today announced it has raised $7.5 million USD in a Series A financing round led by Horizons Ventures with Iconiq Capital. This investment will allow Soul Machines to deliver on its vision of humanizing technology to create intelligent...."