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About Soul Machines

Soul Machines™ humanizes AI experiences

We use our patented Biological AI technology to reimagine the customer experience, drive interactivity, and create personalized digital engagement. 


Only Soul Machines delivers the full capabilities of human and machine collaboration in an ethical, responsive, and unprecedented way.

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Deeply human Digital People™

Our revolutionary Soul Machines Studio software and Human OS™ cloud platform allow anyone to create hyper-human, autonomous Digital People, powered by our patented Digital Brain™. 

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Soul Machines Founders

Soul Machines was founded in 2016 on cutting edge deep-tech research and a commitment to the democratized, ethical use of AI.


Greg Cross

Co-Founder and CEO

Greg is a serial Tech Entrepreneur and the driver of Soul Machines vision and strategy. A recipient of the 2019 Flying Kiwi Award, he is a member of the New Zealand Tech Hall of Fame, as well as a Sir John Logan Campbell Executive in Residence at the University of Auckland. Greg co-founded PowerbyProxi, bought by Apple in 2017. He holds a seat on our Board of Directors.


Mark Sagar, Ph.D.,FRSNZ

Co-Founder and CSO

With a PhD in Engineering from the University of Auckland and a Post-doctoral fellowship at MIT, Mark drives the science and deep tech research at Soul Machines. A double Academy Award winner (IMDb), he formerly supervised special effects for Weta Digital + Sony Pictures Imageworks, developing technology for digital characters in Avatar, King Kong, Spider-Man 2, and many more.  He sits on our board of directors. 

Soul Machines holds 27 Patent Families, Trade Secrets and Trademarks. Our research partners include:

“The future of AI lies not in manipulating reality, but in enhancing our understanding of it. By focusing on Biological AI, we can create AI systems that are ethical, effective, and truly transformative.”  
–Greg Cross, Founder
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