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Trust & Safety

AI Ethics and Safety

As a leader in AI advancement, Soul Machines™ recognizes our responsibility to steer the technology forward within ethical standards.


Our company leaders are active in establishing AI ethics and safety across the industry.

Mark Sagar, Founder

AI Shield board member of the Lifeboat Foundation, established to discuss ways of safeguarding AI.

Alistair Knott, Researcher  

New Zealand delegate to the Global Partnership on AI, in the Responsible AI Working Group Member of AI Forum 'Law, Ethics and Society' work group

Co-founded the University of Otago Centre for Artificial Intelligence and Public Policy

Martin Takac, Researcher

Teaches AI Ethics course at Comenius University. 

Our standards

We commit to the AI ethics and safety principles laid out in the IEEE’s Ethically Aligned Design, a consensus that covers a multitude of current and future guidelines. 

Our company, our people

Our dedicated internal ethics committee creates and updates our ethics policy, reflecting the latest in AI development. The committee reports quarterly to (and includes members of) our board of directors.


Every employee is required to read and sign our ethics policy. We encourage discussion and debate over ethical issues and include the topic in our schedule of presentations to staff. 

Our Digital People™

Just like humans, we expect and train our Digital People to maintain certain standards in their interactions. These can relate to basic human rights (e.g., avoid bias against any social group), or to accountability principles (e.g., be able to explain your decisions). 

Reporting inappropriate content by a Digital Person

While Digital People are ultimately in the control of the company or brand who owns them, we will always act on reports of a Digital Person creating inappropriate content. 


To report offensive or inappropriate content produced by a Digital Person: 

First contact the owner of the DIgital Person. If you get no response, report it directly to us via the form below. 

Read our full AI Ethics and Privacy Policy.

Report Content

You can tell us about content produced by a digital human which you found to be offensive or inappropriate.

You should first report this to the content owner, using the digital human’s feedback page – but if no response is forthcoming, you can report it directly to us.

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