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Biological AI

Biological AI

Meet the pioneering technology that powers our Digital People™

We continue to pioneer developments in Biological, Multimodal, and Interactive AI with our research partners

4 Benefits of Biological AI

Autonomous Animation:

Our multimodal Digital People are spontaneously interactive, with the ability to understand the real world and respond to stimuli. 


Emotive & Engaging:

Unlike generative models that mimic the appearance of emotions, Digital People have a simluated emotion system that empowers authentic interactions and empathy.


Trainable & LLM agnostic:

Digital People integrate with any LLM and continue to learn from user interactions, refining their responses for highly contextual and dynamic user experiences. 


Cost Effective:

Incurs zero video production costs, significantly lower processing costs, and can be created in minutes.

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Meet Baby X

Our AI research project that started it all. 

Why Biological AI

At Soul Machines™, we believe a human-centric approach is fundamental to achieving superhuman intelligence. Our patented Biological AI extends beyond generative AI for more relevant outcomes, creating uniquely engaging embodied agents, or Digital People, you can interact with just like a real person.

What is Biological AI

Biological AI is the human-focused future of Artificial Intelligence. We achieve this through: 


Cognitive Modeling (Teaching AI how to think)

Cognitive Modeling achieves AI that learns and develops like humans do, not like machines. Current LLM training uses datasets and probability to produce an outcome. But humans use data, interaction and experience to learn. Our approach incorporates the contextual “why” of human knowledge, for more accurate, relevant experiences than relying on crunching datasets alone. 


Embodied Cognition (Teaching AI how to interact)

The human body plays a substantial role in cognition and intelligence. Our biology and neuroscience are a feedback loop that take in stimuli, synthesize it, and react. For example, the way our heart races and eyes widen when we feel fear, or the way we observe fear in others and adjust our facial expression and tone in empathy. Current generative AI models mimic the surface appearance of emotion, but at Soul Machines we mimic the underlying biological and neurological systems to create authentic, spontaneous, human-like responses. 


The Digital Brain™ 

The Digital Brain is our proprietary Biological AI-based technology. It contains interactive layers of simulated human systems such as Sensory, Motor, Attention/Perception and Autonomic Nervous systems. These layers drive truly interactive, autonomous behavior in our Digital People, allowing them to see, hear, talk, react, create learnings, and even empathize in the same way as real humans. 

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