Digital DNA Studio

A new way to scale brand experience – created by you.

Easily create a digital person for any use case.

Choose a name

Create a face

Stylize hair and clothing

Give a voice, a language and personality

Train with a conversation

Augment with Smart Skills

Design a space for the experience

Bring to life on desktop and mobile

Monitor success

Build Digital People from end-to-end with Digital DNA Studio

It has never been easier for brands and channel partners to create a personalized online experience with Digital People.


Design your own brand ambassadors

Build a diverse and inclusive digital workforce

Tune voices and personalities for the job


Train with pre-built Smart Skills for the job

Interface to your NLP and Enterprise platforms

Access trusted and curated content


Integrate into your workspace with minimum efforts

Collect valuable experience metrics

Engage customers across all platforms

Digital DNA Studio – for creators, brand designers, and metaverse builders

The Soul Machines Astrologizer on a Tablet

Try an entertaining example to experience the capabilities of Digital People with our new Astrologizer. Get a horoscope reading, find your lucky numbers, and more on the platform of your choice.