Soul Machines at 2017 IBM Forum in Taipei: When Virtual Technology Meets the Real World

Greg Cross - Key Innovation Night speaker at the 2017 IBM Forum in Taipei

A huge event that attracted thousands of attendees; explored how cloud computing, big data analysis, artificial intelligence and smart technology are rewriting traditional business rules.

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Extract from Greg's presentation :

Many people think of us as an avatar company, a digital human company, but we like to think of ourselves as a human computing company.  We’re at the beginning of this incredible era of artificial intelligence, of robots, self-driving cars, automated machinery. All of these things which are going to become a bigger and bigger part of our lives.

It means that as people we’re going to spend more and more time every single day interacting with these machines.  And our view on the world is:  wouldn’t it be more interesting, wouldn’t these machines be a whole lot more useful to us if they were actually more like us! So literally what we’re doing here is putting a face on artificial intelligence. We’re making our machines more human by giving them a virtual nervous system.

Images from the live presentation. View the full presentation here.

Watch Greg Cross in discussion at IBM Forum in Tapei

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