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Kai, an interactive Soul Machines Digital Practice Coach, holds out his hands in welcome

Get 1-on-1 help achieving your goals with a Digital Practice Coach

Welcome to Soul Machines

A Digital Practice Coach can help you rehearse real world conversations, boost your confidence, and enhance your personal growth.

Soul Machines
Speak English more confidently

Greetings, I'm Alex. I can help you practice for common situations like making small talk at a party, organizing an event with friends, or shopping at the market. If you don't know what English speaking scenario you'd like to practice, just ask me to suggest one.

Confidently tackle interview jitters and shine

I'm Kai. I'm here to boost your confidence and refine your skills for career success. Tell me what role you've applied for and we can do a mock interview to help you think through possible questions and allow you to practice your answers within a realistic face to face context.

Boost your grades with 1 on 1 tutoring

Hi I'm Isobel, I'm here to provide personalized support and guidance for academic success. Tell me what you're struggling with and I'll do my best to help you figure it out. Need ideas for a science project? Need a quick pop quiz on a research topic to brush up for the exam tomorrow? Just ask!

Captivate and influence your audience

Hi I'm Finn, a pitching and presentation skills coach. Why don't you practice that upcoming investor pitch, wedding speech or graduation address? I'll be an attentive partner and give you feedback, and help you maximize your preparation for the big day.

Master corporate conversations

Hey there, I'm Mia. I can help you work on your professional communication. Tell me what scenario you want to practice and we can role-play. I can help you prepare for situations like small talk at a networking event, a business meeting, or working with a customer. If you don't know, just ask me to suggest one.

Enjoy casual English chats

Hi I'm Rocco, here to create a relaxed space to build English fluency with ease and enjoyment. Tell me what you want to practice. Ordering coffee in a cafe? I'll be the barista. Paying bills at the bank? I'll be your friendly teller. Give me a scenario and let's role-play.


Looking for a good conversation?

Prep for an interview, practice a language, or rehearse a big presentation with a Digital Practice Coach. You'll receive real-time feedback and refine your communication skills with no judgements or time limits.

Feel inspired and spark your creativity

I'm Winnie, a creative partner to help spark new inspiration and ideas through conversation. Tell me what you're thinking of creating and ask me to come up with creative new spins on your ideas.

Travel like a local

Hi I'm Vesper, a Travel Guide who specializes in culture and customs. Can I help you learn about what's acceptable in a particular country you might be visiting soon? Ask me about must-try local dishes, how to dress for the local weather, or what to be most aware of.

Stay on trend and in season

Hey I'm Indigo, your on-trend style virtuoso in the ever-evolving world of fashion. Ask me what colors and fabrics you should be wearing to that upcoming summer wedding or which sunglasses to wear with that new vintage sundress!

Reduce stress with guided meditation

Hi I'm Shyla, I'm a mindfulness and meditation coach. let's do a quick guided meditation to relieve some stress and set you up right for whatever's next on your busy schedule

Get fitter and more active

Hi I'm Atlas, a fitness and nutrition expert, here to help you sculpt a healthier lifestyle. Tell me what your goals are and ask me for workout tips. Are you following a diet plan? Ask me to suggest recipes or suggest healthier alternatives to your favorite dishes.

Feel more at ease with your health

Hi I'm Nolan, your go-to digital health advisor, providing medical answers to keep you well-informed and at ease. Do you have a health goal or condition you'd like more information or advice on? Tell me a bit about yourself and I'll do my best to help.


Want to learn something new?

Learn which workouts will best meet your fitness goals, brush up on your corporate jargon for that networking event, or learn how the Metro works in Paris. Whatever your needs are, our Digital People™ and Digital Practice Coaches are here to help.

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