Bring humanity to the metaverse and future digital worlds

Design Digital People with faces and emotional personalities that relate to your audiences.

Pair them with a conversation developed with the Natural Language Processing (NLP) platform of your choice. Or for less technical creators, use our skill library to generate standardized conversations.

Deploy in minutes and start collecting user insights.

It all starts with Digital DNA Studio

Craft experiences in minutes with an easy step-by-step navigation taking you through our DNA blender to create custom faces, and simple dashboards to load conversations, select skills and options to personalize and animate your Digital People in a webpage or a web component.

Bespoke support is provided through our Knowledge Base and Soul Machines Academy, without forgetting the Soul Machines Community for exchanges with like-minded creators.

Selecting job skills

From there, you have options

Want to jump-start with a specific role?

Get our Digital DNA Studio preconfigured with role-centric capabilities including out-of-the-box conversations and skills.

Digital Greeter

Welcome and guide visitors with your digital concierge available 24/7/365. Help them find what they want with productive personalization.

Digital Chief Experience Officer

Capture spontaneous feedback from your customers at the right time. Taylor VOC survey, integrate to your CRM and make informed CX decisions.

Experience for free with our Creator Package

Design Digital People and deploy use cases that you want to test or demonstrate.

Record videos of what you have done, show your work to partners and customers.

Get a production license when you’re ready to scale and reach your full audience.

Innovate with our Developer and Enterprise Packages

Change the way you serve and support your customers and employees

Put your brand on the path to a modern and scalable user experience

Capture Insights at scale and make better business decisions


Digital People can help you in millions of ways

Customer Support
Product Consultant
Online Banker
Educational Coach
Virtual Realtor
Offsite Support
Brand Ambassador
Digital Celebrity
Healthcare Assistant