Soul Machines™
Human OS™

Bringing AI and Autonomous Animation to life in the real world


Soul Machines™
Digital DNA Studio™

Personalization at scale. Creating millions of hi-fidelity Digital Heroes on the fly.

The Most Advanced Cloud-Based
Animation Studio.

Rapid prototyping and development of Digital Heroes. Publish and personalise at scale across multiple interfaces. Our Digital Heroes have authored personalities which evolve over time based on user interactions.


Soul Machines
Human OS™

Modelled on research from the world’s leading neuroscientists.

Fully Autonomous
Digital Heroes

Our Digital Brain simulates reflexive, emotional and cognitive processes which control attention, learning, sensing and the responsive actions of our Digital Heroes to autonomously synthesize human-like behavior in real time.


Soul Machines™
Soul X™

Succeed with the support of our Customer Success teams & community.

Supporting Global

Our global Customer Success teams will work with you to plan, implement and run your deployment. As part of the Soul X™ community you will benefit from the learnings of leaders worldwide.

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