Learn, exchange ideas, share information. Join your community of Soul Mates.

Soul Machines Academy

eLearning platform for our clients and partners to successfully create Digital People, design use cases, and learn best practices at their own pace through on-demand courses, webinars, and downloadable resources.


Soul Machines Writers' Room

Online course teaching persona and conversation design. This course includes 10+ hours of learning via video modules and assignments, with a final project culminating at the end as well as the opportunity to join Soul Machines Marketplace


Soul Machines Marketplace

Crowdsourcing platform creating job opportunities for conversation designers and connecting clients and partners with the talent they need to craft unique brand experiences with Digital People. Soon opened to UI/UX Designers.

Soul Machines Creators' Community

Community platform for creators, designers, and developers to exchange ideas, share content, and collaborate on Digital DNA Studio projects to build innovative user experiences with Digital People.