How we bring Digital People to life.

It all starts with lifelike CGI characters powered by a Digital Brain driving their perception, understanding and Autonomous Animation to imitate human behaviors and emotions.

A Digital Brain is the heart of everything.

Built on deep research in cognitive sciences, our patented Digital Brain is the core technology powering our Digital People so they can replicate the way humans handle everyday interactions.


How it all comes together.

Soul Machines Digital Brain controls the Autonomous Animation of its Digital People so they can speak naturally, smile, frown, nod, point, wave, and more. All this expressive responsiveness happens in real-time and out-of-the box.

Soul Machines’ Human OS platform allows the immersion of Digital People into digital platforms. It runs the Digital Brain and also enables its interconnection to Natural Language Engines, data, productivity, analytics, and other tools.

Digital Brain

Core technology that allows Digital People to perceive, think, talk, and respond with appropriate expressions and gestures.

Autonomous Animation

The essence for an authentic and interactive human-machine connection.

Digital DNA Studio

End-to-end tool to create and deploy Digital People for your own unique needs.


Digital People in action.

See how the world’s most innovative brands and artists are using Artificial Intelligence with Emotional Intelligence

See how digital people can breathe life into your online worlds

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